Educare Trust Nigeria : To provide all-year-round practical activities that open the mind of the public, especially the youth, to full potential and promote Education, Health, Democracy, Good Governance and Leadership. This is fundamental to Sustainable Youth and Community Development, Poverty Reduction and Impact Assessment of public issues.
Daily activities that promote Youth Development

Think-Tank/Deliberative Discussion (DD):
DD is the discussion that precedes Deliberation, which is a way of discussing topical issues and wresting with difficult choices.

Quiz and Debate:
This is a competitive way of discussing topical issues affecting the youth and the society with a motion being moved by two opposing sides - one is supporting the motion while the other is against it.

Meet-The-Expert/Role Model:
This is a forum in which an expert or professional is invited to relate his/her experience in public, private and professional life to the youth

Olaudah Equiano Read and Write Poetry, Prose & Play:
This is dedicated to the perpetuation of the memory of the first Nigerian published author, Olaudah Equiano otherwise known as Gustavus Vassa, the African, as a way of inspiring the youth to a greater height even in difficult situations.

Theatre for Development (TfD) / Talent Hunt:
This is a forum where the youth are given opportunity to exhibit their dramatic, musical, dancing and singing talents.

Saturday Kaleidoscope/Educational Film Show:
The primary purpose of showing educational films is to enter-educate the youth members.

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Educare Trust, Nigeria (Reg. No. 10213) is a Non-Governmental Organisation based in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria but with outreaches in several other parts of the country established on October 20, 1994 with a Youth Centre visited by well over hundred youth every week.


The goals are to:

  1. Strengthen Community and Youth Development programmes for sustainable development and poverty reduction.
  2. Enhance Community and Youth Participation in public issues for acquisition of knowledge and skills.
  3. Increase our collaborative efforts with local and international partners for mutual benefits, learning exchange and cross-fertilization of ideas.
  4. Improve our skills and ensure competence in Programme Planning, Implementation, Management, Monitoring and Evaluation.
  5. Grow as one indivisible Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO)


EDUCARE TRUST NIGERIA is directly involved in raising awareness of, talking and acting on the huge problems of neglect in education, health and democracy, the lack of direction of the youth and leading the way to solve some of these problems through Policy Advocacies, Influences and Direct Interventions at school and university level as well as in some benefitting communities through Community Development Projects, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation. Educare Trust has since become the wicker basket placed in the rushing river of aimless youth and used to catch a few fish for their own nourishment for the present and the future battles of life. Since inception, it has had a modest impact in reminding citizens of their responsibility in Education, Health and Democracy. It has also directly entered into over 1000 schools, Universities and Polytechnics, impacting on millions of youth in and out of formal school, to improve the physical structure, organize competitive educational activities, improve sport activities and improve standard of the learning environment through wall charts, posters, books etc.

EDUCARE TRUST NIGERIA has produced position papers to assist the Government, parents and teachers of children and offered cheap and effective ways of rescuing our deplorable Educational, Health and Democratic systems. The Educare Trust Youth Centre which hosts numerous leadership and edutainment activities and is a audio-visual wonderland and a beehive of youth-based and youth driven and targeted creative activities visited by many hundreds of thousands of youth and with a computer appreciation course from which over 5,000 youth have graduated. Other projects and programmes undertaken by the Trust include Health Related Areas such as Anti-Smoking Campaign, HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control and Anti-Breast Cancer Campaign. Others are Anti-Corruption Campaign, Good Governance and Democracy Projects, Environmental Education Campaign, Anti- Drug Abuse Programmes and Reading Culture Promotion. Educare Trust has produced a TV soap opera for the public, especially the youth covering Democracy and Good Governance and Moral Issues and also has social message television adverts watched by millions of people. Above all Educare Trust advocates volunteerism for the constructive use of time and provided avenues for the development of such volunteer spirit.

For these efforts, Educare Trust has been given due recognition by some reputable organisations. Since its inception in 1994, the Trust has won twenty awards for its contribution to the socio-cultural and economic development of the youth and received honourable mention by many in education and in the NGO community. This leads to many invitations to participate in local and international election observation missions, give key note addresses, present papers, speak and participate in conferences, workshops, committees and other public and private activities around the country and abroad.

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