Educare Trust Nigeria : To provide all-year-round practical activities that open the mind of the public, especially the youth, to full potential and promote Education, Health, Democracy, Good Governance and Leadership. This is fundamental to Sustainable Youth and Community Development, Poverty Reduction and Impact Assessment of public issues.
Daily activities that promote Youth Development

Think-Tank/Deliberative Discussion (DD):
DD is the discussion that precedes Deliberation, which is a way of discussing topical issues and wresting with difficult choices.

Quiz and Debate:
This is a competitive way of discussing topical issues affecting the youth and the society with a motion being moved by two opposing sides - one is supporting the motion while the other is against it.

Meet-The-Expert/Role Model:
This is a forum in which an expert or professional is invited to relate his/her experience in public, private and professional life to the youth

Olaudah Equiano Read and Write Poetry, Prose & Play:
This is dedicated to the perpetuation of the memory of the first Nigerian published author, Olaudah Equiano otherwise known as Gustavus Vassa, the African, as a way of inspiring the youth to a greater height even in difficult situations.

Theatre for Development (TfD) / Talent Hunt:
This is a forum where the youth are given opportunity to exhibit their dramatic, musical, dancing and singing talents.

Saturday Kaleidoscope/Educational Film Show:
The primary purpose of showing educational films is to enter-educate the youth members.

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