Educare Trust Nigeria : To provide all-year-round practical activities that open the mind of the public, especially the youth, to full potential and promote Education, Health, Democracy, Good Governance and Leadership. This is fundamental to Sustainable Youth and Community Development, Poverty Reduction and Impact Assessment of public issues.
Daily activities that promote Youth Development

Think-Tank/Deliberative Discussion (DD):
DD is the discussion that precedes Deliberation, which is a way of discussing topical issues and wresting with difficult choices.

Quiz and Debate:
This is a competitive way of discussing topical issues affecting the youth and the society with a motion being moved by two opposing sides - one is supporting the motion while the other is against it.

Meet-The-Expert/Role Model:
This is a forum in which an expert or professional is invited to relate his/her experience in public, private and professional life to the youth

Olaudah Equiano Read and Write Poetry, Prose & Play:
This is dedicated to the perpetuation of the memory of the first Nigerian published author, Olaudah Equiano otherwise known as Gustavus Vassa, the African, as a way of inspiring the youth to a greater height even in difficult situations.

Theatre for Development (TfD) / Talent Hunt:
This is a forum where the youth are given opportunity to exhibit their dramatic, musical, dancing and singing talents.

Saturday Kaleidoscope/Educational Film Show:
The primary purpose of showing educational films is to enter-educate the youth members.

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Periodic Activities

  1. Annual Holi-school programme: This a summer school programme aimed at keeping students busy during the holiday hence the name 'HOLI-SCHOOL'. It is an alternative measure to keep them away from non-productive activities. It covers Creative Arts, Music, Drama, Poetry, Skills Development, Deliberation, Computer Appreciation, Logic Reasoning, Career Talk, Health Talk, Fun Mathematics, Story Telling and Community Outreach visits to the less privileged like Home School for the Handicapped and Motherless Babies Home.

  1. Monthly Career Choice Seminar: Millions of youth/students make lifelong career educational choices based on very limited information. Yet their future and that of their families and the financial security of corporate Nigeria depend on the career choices made by them today. This seminar, which comes up on last Wednesday of every month, is an attempt to provide enough information on career prospects and opportunities to the youth.

  1. Annual Quiz Nigerianna: Quiz Nigerianna is organised to preserve Nigerian history, update it with current events and celebrate Nigerian past and present heroes and heroines in various fields of human endeavours. The 2016 edition featured 21 schools and was won by Cheshire High School. The questions of the contest are usually drawn from Current Affairs/History, Entertainment, Literature, Sports and Spelling Check. To immortalize Emeritus Prof. Olumuyiwa Awe, who died on May 3, 2015, it is now called ET-Emeritus Prof. Olumuyiwa Awe Quiz Nigerianna and Oratory Contest..
  1. Annual Issue Naming and Framing For Deliberative Discussion: This usually takes place during the Holi-School Programme between August and September every year. Holi-School students are always engaged on how to identify and prioritize issues affecting them. An issue will be selected for naming and framing after which an issue map is created for deliberation. 

  1. Annual Drama Contest among Secondary Schools: This is organised to improve the language/critical thinking/communication/performance skills of the participating students. Each participating school is asked to produce a 15-minute playlet or skit written by the student(s) with minimum supervision from their teacher(s) on a particular theme. They will be judged on Concept, Creativity, Originality, Costumes/ Make-up, Speech/delivery, Understanding and level of students' participation.

  1. Annual Kolapo Oyefeso Memorial Lecture: This is organised to further immortalize the first Assistant Secretary of Educare Trust, Mr. Kolapo Oyefeso, who died on May 27, 1999. It usually takes place on last Saturday of May every year. The lecture is usually preceded by the children activities and readings by members of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) Oyo State Chapter.

  1. Programme Planning and Review Meeting: This serves as on-the-job capacity building engagement for the members of staff. It is essentially for planning programmes and establishing modalities for implementations. Planning Meeting takes place every Monday between 10am and 12 noon while Review Meeting takes place every Friday between 10am and 12 noon

To learn more about these activities please visit our Other Activities Page.

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