Health Project

Health Projects


Educare Trust is actively involved in the Prevention and Control of HIV and AIDS, Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer and Vesicovaginal Fistula (VVF). It raises awareness and educates the public, especially the youth on harmful socio—cultural and traditional practices that negatively affect the health of the people. Such practices include Premarital Sex, Tobacco Smoking/Snuffing/Chewing and Female Genital Mutilation.


  1. Since 1998 Educare Trust has produced various HIV and AIDS Awareness posters and Teaching aids cards with laminated key rings. They have formed part of Educare Trust Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials usually distributed freely during outreach programmes.
  2. Educare Trust is a regular participant at the Pre-Youth Conference leading to the World Conference on Tobacco Or Health (WCTOH). The youth members of Educare Trust took part in the 13th WCTOH in USA, 14th WCTOH in India and 15th WCTOH in Singapore in 2006, 2009 and 2012 respectively. They also took part in the first edition of the Global Youth Meet (GYM) on Health organised by HRIDAY-SHAN in India in 2006.
  3. In the past, the Trust has run many outreach programmes including a ‘Kick AIDS Out of Nigeria’ Football Competition among youth clubs in Ibadan and Art Against AIDS Campaign for 2000 secondary school students with the youth friendly communication approaches using Drama, Poetry, Dance, Songs and Painting against AIDS.