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What we do


Running of Educare Trust Youth Centre


The Centre is divided into four sections


1. Information, Communication and Technology (ICT): This section offers Computer Training Workshop and Internet Accessing Programme to the public. Since its inception, well over 10,000 casual users have benefited from the programme with over 6,000 course participants receiving certification. Equal opportunity is always given to both sexes and the physically and financially challenged people in our society.

2. Library (Kolapo Oyefeso ‘Bookataria’): It is named after the former Assistant Secretary of the Trust, Kolapo Oyefeso who passed away on May 27, 1999 at the age of 39. The ‘Bookataria’ is blessed with reference books of various disciplines, educational books, novels, storybooks, magazines, journals and Encyclopaedia Britannica. Daily, it serves between 15 and 20 people.

3. Exhibition: It has over 200 arts and science wall charts from exhibition all around the world complemented by over 150 educational and inspirational posters on Health, Education, Career Choice, Democracy and Governance made in-house. The exhibition hall offers a free space for scientific and artistic activities.

4. Audio-visual library and studio: The studio produces social awareness songs, jingles and adverts for radio and television. It has a collection of over 500 educational and entertainment features, documentary video- and audio CDs.


Daily activities that promote Youth Development

A. Think-Tank/Deliberative Discussion (DD): DD is the discussion that precedes Deliberation, which is a way of discussing topical issues and wresting with difficult choices. This takes place every Monday and involves about 20 youth participants. In this DD programme, issues affecting the youth and the society are always raised and discussed in a deliberative manner.

B. Quiz/Debate: is a competitive way of discussing topical issues affecting the youth and the society with a motion being moved by two opposing sides – one is supporting the motion while the other is against it. This takes place every Tuesday and involves about 15 youth participants with three selected speakers from each side.

C. Meet-The-Expert/Role Model: This is a forum in which an expert or professional is invited to relate his/her experience in public, private and professional life to the youth. It takes place every Wednesday and provides opportunities for the youth to have a career choice and meet positive role models.

D. Olaudah Equiano Read and Write Poetry, Prose & Play: This is dedicated to the perpetuation of the memory of the first Nigerian published author, Olaudah Equiano otherwise known as Gustavus Vassa, the African, as a way of inspiring the youth to a greater height even in difficult situations. This takes place every Thursday and engages the youth are on how to read and write simple poetry, prose and play for intellectual purposes.

E. Theatre for Development (TfD) / Talent Hunt: This is a forum where the youth are given opportunity to exhibit their dramatic, musical, dancing and singing talents. It is used for talent grooming and development. It takes place every Friday.

F. Saturday Kaleidoscope/Educational Film Show: The primary purpose of showing educational films is to enter-educate the youth members. Edutainment films/movies serves serve as an alternative to other engagement methods. This takes place every Saturday and features documentaries, musical videos and socio-cultural, political, health awareness movies/films and football matches involving Nigeria or Nigerian players.


Periodic activities


A. Annual Holi-school programme: This a summer school programme aimed at keeping students busy during the holiday hence the name ‘HOLI-SCHOOL’. It is an alternative measure to keep them away from non-productive activities. It covers Creative Arts, Music, Drama, Poetry, Skills Development, Deliberation, Computer Appreciation, Logic Reasoning, Career Talk, Health Talk, Fun Mathematics, Story Telling and Community Outreach visits to the less privileged like Home School for the Handicapped and Motherless Babies Home.

B. Monthly Career Choice Seminar: Millions of youth/students make lifelong career educational choices based on very limited information. Yet their future and that of their families and the financial security of corporate Nigeria depend on the career choices made by them today. This seminar, which comes up on last Wednesday of every quarter, is an attempt to provide enough information on career prospects and opportunities to the youth.

C. Annual Quiz Nigerianna: Quiz Nigerianna is organised to preserve Nigerian history, update it with current events and celebrate Nigerian past and present heroes and heroines in various fields of human endeavours. The 2016 edition featured 21 schools and was won by Cheshire High School. The questions of the contest are usually drawn from Current Affairs/History, Entertainment, Literature, Sports and Spelling Check. To immortalize Emeritus Prof. Olumuyiwa Awe, who died on May 3, 2015, it is now called ET-Emeritus Prof. Olumuyiwa Awe Quiz Nigerianna

D. Annual Issue Naming and Framing For Deliberative Discussion: This usually takes place during the Holi-School Programme between August and September every year. Holi-School students are always engaged on how to identify and prioritize issues affecting them. An issue will be selected for naming and framing after which an issue map is created for deliberation. 

E. Annual Drama Contest among Secondary Schools: This is organised to improve the language/critical thinking/communication/performance skills of the participating students. Each participating school is asked to produce a 15-minute playlet or skit written by the student(s) with minimum supervision from their teacher(s) on a particular theme. They will be judged on Concept, Creativity, Originality, Costumes/ Make-up, Speech/delivery, Understanding and level of students’ participation

F. Annual Kolapo Oyefeso Memorial Lecture: This is organised to further immortalize the first Assistant Secretary of Educare Trust, Mr. Kolapo Oyefeso, who died on May 27, 1999. It usually takes place on last Saturday of May every year. The lecture is usually preceded by the children activities and readings by members of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) Oyo State Chapter.

G. Programme Planning and Review Meeting: This serves as on-the-job capacity building engagement for the members of staff. It is essentially for planning programmes and establishing modalities for implementations. Planning Meeting takes place every Monday between 10am and 12 noon while Review Meeting takes place every Friday between 10am and 12 noon



Other activities


A. Collaborative Programmes: These are significant to development works since they promote joint learning and shared interest in addressing and proffering solutions to problems from different perspectives. We collaborate with local and international organisations on youth and community development.

B. Arts, Aquarium, Culture, Technology & Science (ACTS) Exhibition Programmes: The youth are always swimming in the pool of ignorance since there are few exhibition spaces for them to improve their knowledge and skills. We provide a permanent space for the exhibition of specimens, models and materials on ‘ACTS’, Career Choice and other thematic areas that positively influence the public, especially the youth.

C. School Excursion Programme: We recognize the fact that Excursion Programme is an important component of youth development; therefore we put in place facilities to aid the programme for both primary and secondary schools in and around Ibadan. This enables the visiting schools to acquire out-of-school education. 

D. Marking of the UN, WHO and National Days: International organisations such as the United Nations Organisation and World Health Organisation designate a number of "International Days" to mark important aspects of human life and history. Nigeria also has its National Days. The Days are often used for information dissemination and awareness creation about different thematic issues. We select the Days that are directly related to our thematic areas and mark them with relevant activities.

E. Internally Inspired Programmes: These are programmes that are tailored specifically for local needs. It may be inspired by the management, members of staff and youth members/volunteers. These programmes do not have fixed dates; we organize them as the need arises. They are more flexible to changes.

F. Monitoring and Evaluation M&E Meeting: Through this, we set the indicators of progress and success. It helps to know what we have achieved; determine efficiency and effectiveness of the strategy used and if a strategy is not working, it gives evidences of the need to change the strategy including re-allocation of resources. Its findings help to plan and implement a better programme and replicate an impactful programme. Each programme comes with its peculiar M&E Mechanism. We adopt both quantitative and qualitative methods. The methodology revolves round feedback from participants, guests, resource persons, external observers and peer review or self appraisal through Structured Questionnaire, In-depth Interview, Deliberation and Focus Group Discussion.



Community Development Works


The ideals behind our Community Development Works


For a community to develop, it will have three basic elements.


· The practice of recognizing common interest and problems and talking, acting/working together for democratic decision making and problem solving.

· The locality or territory that can be seen as where people have something in common and this shared element also connects the locality with the surrounding areas.

· The local society including the interconnecting association and networks.


However, Community Development (CD) can be divided into


· Development Of Community (DOC):  DOC refers to strengthening of the relationships and networks within the community around a community project for developmental purposes. In DOC, emphasis is on the establishment and maintenance of organisations and activities that link members to one another and to the community

· Development In Community (DIC). This is a means of improving/building the infrastructure through a project to achieve some goals


Samples of our Community Development Projects


Monitoring and Evaluation of Debt Relief Gains (DRG) supported Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Projects in Oyo State


· Educare Trust as a Civil Society Organisation was appointed in 2007 and reappointed in 2008 by the Office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on MDGs (OSSAP-MDGs) to monitor and evaluate Debt Relief Gains (DRGs) funded Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) projects in more than 300 rural communities in 33 Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Oyo State. Part of the M&E methodology that we adopted was Deliberative Forums. This became necessary not only to ensure sustainability, safety, maintenance and ownership of the projects among benefitting communities, but to also make sure that the projects were in line with our Community Development ideals.


Developing A Positive Approach To Living With, Within and Without HIV/AIDS: Prevention, Management and Control


· Educare Trust has implemented a number of activities for Awareness, Empowerment, Advocacy and Public Re-orientation on HIV/AIDS. Between 2005 and 2007, Educare Trust courtesy of World Bank Assisted HIV/AIDS Funds administered  by Oyo State Agency for the Control of AIDS (OYSACA) executed a project entitled Developing A Positive Approach To Living With, Within and Without HIV/AIDS: Prevention, Management and Control aimed at  increasing  awareness of the various categories of the rural populace on the rights, obligations and responsibilities of persons in each project category e.g. Youth In and Out of School, Sexually Active Adults and Body Care Professionals. The project took place in four rural communities of Iseyin, Iwajowa, Kajola and Itesiwaju Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Oyo State.




Establishment of Youth Centres


· Over the years, Educare Trust has been canvassing government, corporate Nigeria, community and the citizen for Expression Of Interest and ACTION for the setting up of large permanent ACTS Exhibition Centres in the country for the youth to recreate in, receive A-Z career choice and practical exposure in the Arts, Aquaria, Culture, Technology, Science, and Sports– essential ACTS for youth and community development:


· Between 2011 and 2012, Educare Trust entered into a tripartite partnership with the PZ Cussons Foundation and Oyo State Government to build a befitting Permanent Youth Centre in Ibadan. The partnership made Oyo State Government to provide a plot of land at Old Ibadan Airport, Samonda GRA at a reduced cost and the PZ Cussons Foundation to build the ground floor. The project was commissioned on May 10, 2012 by the Chairman of the PZ Cussons Foundation, Professor Emmanuel Edozien (OFR).



· Kola Daisi Foundation in collaboration with Educare Trust, Nigeria established Kola Daisi Foundation Youth Empowerment Centre (KDFYEC) on February 11, 2012. It began full operation on March 3, 2014. The Vocational Skills Acquisition and Utilization component of the KDFYEC will soon be commissioned.  To kick start its activities, the first Career Choice Seminar was organised on March 18, 2014 for ten (10) secondary schools in Ibadan. 


Democracy and Good Governance Project


· In the business of talking and acting together to create uniquely public knowledge for democratic decision making and problem solving, Educare Trust is a regular participant in Deliberative Democracy Multinational Workshop and Deliberative Democracy Exchange Workshop of the Kettering Foundation, Dayton, Ohio, the USA ( Over the years, it has developed a close relationship with the National Issues Forums, Dayton, Ohio, the USA (, National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation ( and International Association on Public Participation ( 


· On Domestic and International Election Observation Mission, Educare Trust is a member of the Transition Monitoring Group (, the foremost domestic election observation group in Nigeria. Over the years, its staff had served as an international observer with several international organisations.


· Educare Trust has produced TV/Radio clips, jingles and social adverts on Democracy and Good Governance. As Nigerians were preparing for transition from the Military rule to Civilian regime, it produced a 13 Episode TV series on Democracy and Good Governance entitled COMPASS which was aired on major TV channels in the South-West, Nigeria. It also produced posters, key-rings, cards and leaflets on Voters Education.


· Apart from organizing rallies, seminars, workshops and writing articles for newspapers to create awareness on issues affecting the general public, especially the youth, Educare Trust has helped several Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) in drafting policies and blueprints aimed at promoting good governance. 


A. Between 2002 and 2003, Educare Trust worked with the Oyo State Ministry of Women Affairs to domesticate the Child’s Rights Acts in the State.

B. Between 2009 and 2010, Educare Trust worked with the Oyo State Agency for Youth Development to develop a blueprint entitled Oyo State Youth Empowerment Programme (OYSYEP)

C. Educare Trust was a member of Oyo State Working Group on New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD)/African Peer Review Mechanism.

D. Educare Trust has participated in all Educational Summits/ Forums organised by Oyo State Ministry of Education since 1999. It has also contributed to the National Education For All Plan and Policy at Federal level.

E. At local level, Educare Trust promotes advocacy on Freedom of Information Act, Public Procurement Act, Fiscal Responsibility Act, Child’s Rights Act, National Policy on HIV/AIDS and National Policy on Education.

F. At International level, Educare Trust promotes advocacy on the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), Convention on the Rights of the Child and Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women.


Health Projects


Educare Trust is actively involved in the Prevention and Control of HIV and AIDS, Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer and Vesicovaginal Fistula (VVF). It raises awareness and educates the public, especially the youth on harmful socio—cultural and traditional practices that negatively affect the health of the people. Such practices include Premarital Sex, Tobacco Smoking/Snuffing/Chewing and Female Genital Mutilation.


1. Since 1998 Educare Trust has produced various HIV and AIDS Awareness posters and Teaching aids cards with laminated key rings. They have formed part of Educare Trust Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials usually distributed freely during outreach programmes.

2. Educare Trust is a regular participant at the Pre-Youth Conference leading to the World Conference on Tobacco Or Health (WCTOH). The youth members of Educare Trust took part in the 13th WCTOH in USA, 14th WCTOH in India and 15th WCTOH in Singapore in 2006, 2009 and 2012 respectively. They also took part in the first edition of the Global Youth Meet (GYM) on Health organised by HRIDAY-SHAN in India in 2006.

3. In the past, the Trust has run many outreach programmes including a ‘Kick AIDS Out of Nigeria’ Football Competition among youth clubs in Ibadan and Art Against AIDS Campaign for 2000 secondary school students with the youth friendly communication approaches using Drama, Poetry, Dance, Songs and Painting against AIDS.


Education and Empowerment Projects.


Education is the core thematic area of Educare Trust. Since its inception, the Trust provides ‘out of classroom’ education to both in and out of school youth. It provides education on Health, Democracy and Good Governance. Its educational and inspirational exhibition covers Aquarium, Arts, Culture, Career Choice, Technology & Science (ACTS). Other educational projects include the Neighbourhhod Shop Library, Books for Schools, Drama Contest among secondary schools and Olaudah Equiano Poetry and Prose Contest among young writers



Information, Education and Communication Strategy


· Educare Trust produced in-house over 35 adverts, each 30 seconds long on all the Educare Trust thematic areas on social and moral issues. The adverts cover AIDS, safety belts, anti- smoking, Democracy and Good Governance, Corruption, Sickle Cell Ignorance, Voting Empowerment, Environment and other areas

· Educare Trust Nigeria has a drama group, ‘Educare Trust Players’ and a musical group, ‘Educare Trust Echoes’, which are woven around its youth members. The objective of setting up these two groups is to groom and use creative talents inherent in the youth for regenerating the community. Educare Trust uses these two groups to reach out to the public on its thematic areas. The drama group has performed more than 50 anti-social vices skits and drama sketches in public places. The musical group has two albums, ‘HEARTBEAT’ and ‘LIFE’,  to its credit.



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