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What we do

What we do.
Our programs at Educare Trust Nigeria is divided into three thus:

  1. Daily Activities
  2. Regular Activities
  3. Periodic Activities

Daily Activities
Daily activities are designed to promote Youth Development and they are structured as follow.

  1. Think-Tank/Deliberative Discussion (DD): DD is the discussion that precedes Deliberation, which is a way of discussing topical issues and wresting with difficult choices. This takes place every Monday and involves about 20 youth participants. In this DD programme, issues affecting the youth and the society are always raised and discussed in a deliberative manner.
  1. Quiz and Debate: This is a competitive way of discussing topical issues affecting the youth and the society with a motion being moved by two opposing sides – one is supporting the motion while the other is against it. This takes place every Tuesday and involves about 15 youth participants with three selected speakers from each side.
  1. Meet-The-Expert/Role Model: This is a forum in which an expert or professional is invited to relate his/her experience in public, private and professional life to the youth. It takes place every Wednesday and provides opportunities for the youth to have a career choice and meet positive role models.
  1. Olaudah Equiano Read and Write Poetry, Prose & Play: This is dedicated to the perpetuation of the memory of the first Nigerian published author, Olaudah Equiano otherwise known as Gustavus Vassa, the African, as a way of inspiring the youth to a greater height even in difficult situations. This takes place every Thursday and engages the youth on how to read and write simple poetry, prose and play for intellectual and developmental purposes.
  1. Theatre for Development (TfD) / Talent Hunt: This is a forum where the youth are given opportunity to exhibit their dramatic, musical, dancing and singing talents. It is used for talent grooming and development. It takes place every Friday. TFD is used for edutainment/infotainment.
  1. Saturday Kaleidoscope/Educational Film Show: The primary purpose of showing educational films is to enter-educate the youth members. Edutainment films/movies serves serve as an alternative to other engagement methods. This takes place every Saturday and features documentaries, musical videos and socio-cultural, political, health awareness movies/films and sporting activities involving Nigeria or Nigerian athletes.